wtf ur zodiac sign means

I’m that bitch that’ll ask you your zodiac sign (and rising and moon) at any social gathering. I’ll then proceed to judge your whole life. My interest in astrology is deep and runs through my ancestry, as a woman descending from the Indian subcontinent. Even at the age of five, I would pull out the Birthday Book off my grandfather’s bookshelf and read my cousin’s horoscopes out to them. In the past two years, I’ve been actively studying astrology, self-learning about the planets, houses, stars. I’ve been pattern-spotting through my network and group of friends to identify patterns amongst signs. Based on this work, I’ve created my own version of “WTF I think When I Meet Your Sign” ~ enjoy!

Please take note that this is a general, quick overview of each sign and that your chart consists of ~MORE~ than just your sun sign. If you know other signs that dominate your chart, read my views on each of them as they’ll probably create a better picture than just reading your sun sign. For example, I may be an Aries sun but Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces energies are deep and powerful in my chart.

Aries: I’m an Aries! Yay! Arians are childlike, fun, adventurous, and passionate as fuck. This is the sign likely to boldly flirt with you from across the room or dominate you in the bedroom. They like to take life by the reigns and charge forward. They don’t sit still and are quick to make an impulsive decision (often regretting it later). Lowkey, they some crazy motherfuckers but here’s the thing: Arians know they’re crazy. Arians aren’t ones to hold a grudge and their short temper re-wires pretty quickly but in the time that they are in the peak of their anger, they may say and do some mean shit. Besides all of that, they are extremely well-loved because they are loyal, brave, incredibly caring, & fun. Once you’ve been through some shit with an Aries, you’ve made a friend for life. I’m kind of biased but I think it’s key to have an Aries homie in your circle of friends.

Taurus: Oooh, Taureans. They love the good good in life, especially anything that plays to their senses. They LOVE food, especially fine dining with loved ones. They care about their home, many of them prone to being homebodies (especially those with Moon in Taurus). They often care a lot about material security and comfort, many unhappy without it. And, of course, they are stubborn as hell. It takes a LOT to make a Taurus budge. They’re also the type to be sensual lovers in the bedroom, slow & intentional. N they LOVE TO CHILL. More so than any other sign. I also feel like every Taurus I know has a green thumb or likes to landscape or something. When it comes to working with the land, there’s no one that does it better than a Taurus. If the Taurean and Venusian energy is strong in one’s chart, they often emit an aura of stability, calm, and grounding.

Gemini: Alright, so we all know the Gemini’s infamous reputation. Well, it’s not all bad. I really like Gemini Rising folks… Geminis are highly intelligent, communicative, and curious individuals. They are usually able to talk about many, many things in great detail (and then… just never stop talking). It’s astonishing how much they know and like to ponder, which is why you’ll often find that a Gemini loves to sit and think and talk their thoughts out with somebody. Their mind is always going! Oh, and Geminis are very fun. Like, if you’re trying to party hard one night, call your Gemini friend. Because they’re so outspoken, intelligent, and curious, they are able to navigate a night out effortlessly and charismatically. Throw in an Aries and you’ve got yourself an endless night. Just don’t bring them home because then they’ll talk your ear off and suddenly throw some shade a couple days later. ????

Cancer: Oh, Cancer – it can go either very well or very, very bad. Cancer is an incredibly sensitive, emotional sign. They are nurturing, sweet, and often rather defensive. I’ve gotten to know a few Cancers super well and they tend to use a hard, tough exterior as their defense mechanism. Once you’ve warmed them up and have shown the crab that you care for them and will be there for them, they lift their tough exterior to show their soft, mushy self. Cancers tend to love cuddles and affection more so than other signs. Like Taureans, they greatly value their home and family life. Cancers are also a Cardinal sign, meaning they like to initiate. This can lead them to leadership roles and they can often be quite successful if they are self-aware and learn to manage their emotions. Because of a Cancer’s innate mothering characteristics, Cancers can often make well-loved leaders who care about their constituents. If they lack self-awareness and emotional intelligence, however, Cancers are known to be drama queens, often picking unnecessary fights constantly.

Leo: Leos are fun, brave, spontaneous and all – but they need mad reassurance and validation, especially while they are young. This is that friend in high school that is gorgeous as hell, stuntin on everybody, but always complaining about something, lacking self-confidence, and fishing for compliments. Leos are charismatic, bold, brave, and another fun addition to the party. Like other fire signs, there can be a bit of a temper, though, that they must learn to keep an eye on. More so than any other sign, Leos are proud: proud of their background, proud of their friends, proud of their lovers. You would be highly mistaken to ever speak out against a Leo’s friend or lover because that Leo will shut you down so quick.

Virgo: When in need of advice or real talk, FIND A VIRGO. When in need of some DIY magic, FIND A VIRGO. Virgos are wise, practical, sometimes kind of anal, hardworking, and creative. I find it often difficult to work with Virgos because everything has to be just right. They are quite the perfectionists. I always find Virgos to be helpful and they’re the person I search for when I need feedback for something. However, I also often find Virgos to be kind of… boring. Of course, it varies as with any sign and I have plenty of Virgo friends & family. They’re also very funny and add to great conversation. Overall, I think, Virgos are the advice & DIY masters of the Zodiac.

Libra: When I think of Libras, I think ~aesthetic~. Libras are pretty, charming, sociable creatures. I have never met a Libra that wasn’t able to talk to a variety of people at ease. They’re the ones in the group to try to ensure that everyone is participating and no one feels left out. It’s a sweet characteristic. But, I have also come to find that Libras aren’t that… deep. They tend to fall more on the superficial side of the spectrum and typically don’t have much to hide (much unlike the next sign we’re going to discuss). Libras, though, are typically very popular as they are so charming and fair.

Scorpio: I’m a Pluto & Scorpio dominant (ugh). Scorpios are known for their intensity. They’re intense in all that they do – work, socializing, love. They are obsessive, deep, emotional, and possessive. When a Scorpio wants someone or something, they will obsess over it until they have it. Scorpios are incredibly emotional but their external disposition does not show as such. They seem to be standoffish, quiet, and intimidating on the outside while the inside is tumultuous: wave after waves of deep emotions. Scorpios keep their emotions hidden below. This particular water sign is even known as “ice” because of how hard their outward demeanor is. Scorpios, though, are powerful and most intuitive of all the Zodiac signs and if self-aware, they can often pave their own path to success. They also make loving, loyal friends and partners, who will fight for their loved ones through anything  — once you’ve broken through the ice, that is.

Sagittarius: Has anyone ever said anything bad about a Sagittarius? They’re some flaky, wishywashy mofos but it’s hard not to love them. Like the other fire signs, Sagittarians can get a party started. They are fun, wild, and constantly moving. Sag is the sign you want to invite out for an adventure (though be warned, they may not show up – so don’t put all your eggs in this basket). When it comes to their personal ambition, too, a Sag is unparalleled. Once a Sag knows their life path and what they want to do, they charge ahead with drive and motivation, not stopping until they hit their goal. As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius cannot be tamed.

Capricorn: Capricorns remind me a bit of Virgos… which makes sense, as they are both earth signs. But they are way more serious than Virgos. Capricorns know how to get shit done and yet, somehow, always seem to be working. I sometimes wonder what would happen if you told a Capricorn there was just no more work to do (they’d probably create more work for themselves). Caps are reliable, steadfast, hardworking, calculating, and logical. They likely get great grades in school. They tend to be great communicators, too. I know a lot of extremely funny Capricorns, too, but they only let out the humor once you know them well. I think Caps are typically boring but if you need, like, a lawyer or accountant or someone to help you get your shit together – call a Cap. They’re on it.

Aquarius: Ah, the weirdos. I love Aquarians so much. They’re free spirited as hell. They’re weird, straightforward, and intelligent. An older Aquarius has likely had a variety of jobs in numerous fields and was probably good at most of them. They often have unconventional ideas and morals, so they make for great conversation. Aquarians also tell it like it is, which is a characteristic I LOVE as an Aries. Aquarians are also incredibly detached from emotions (which can be both good and bad), stubborn, and aloof. It often creates friction between them and their loved ones because the Aquarian is so detached and aloof. However, again, a self-aware Aquarian can learn to balance their detached way of living while still caring deeply for their loved ones. It’s not unlikely, though, to meet an Aquarius who is a bit of a loner.

Pisces: Ooh, I love Pisceans! I have quite the Piscean spirit myself, due to a strong Pisces in Mercury and my general watery disposition. Pisces are also some crazy mofos. They’re emotional af but tend to disguise their emotions – not in the way that their watery sister, Scorpio, does, no. Rather, Pisceans are the queens of disguising their emotions, often masking it to ensure that their friends, family and lovers are comfortable and happy. In other cases, when someone hurts a Pisces, they are the masters of cutting the perpetrator out of their life — quickly and quietly. Pisces are deeply caring, stemming from their sensitive intuitive nature. Pisces, like Scorpio, are also extraordinarily intuitive – able to pick up on the emotions of the room in seconds. If anything or anyone is off, Pisces jumps in to provide support and care. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a little bit otherworldly, ruled by dreams and fantasies and idealism. It is likely that a Pisces you meet is daydreaming 80% of the time. Pisces are able to go with the flow and tend to just do their own thing, swimming through life with their head in the clouds. They can often be indecisive, flaky, and hard to get ahold of.


well, there you go :p a little quick take on the zodiac signs. hope you enjoyed~


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