western zodiac & myers-brigg: is there a correlation?

if you know me personally, you know i’m OB-SESSED with anything that helps an individual grow, understand themselves more, and evolve. i’m all about that personal and collective growth, u feel me? so, clearly then, i know a little bit about the myers-brigg type indicators or mbti.

the mbti questionnaire was first published in 1943 in the united states by katherine cook briggs and isabel meyer-briggs (both infj/p types), inspired by carl jung. they wanted to create a practical tool to understand another person’s mode of functioning and thinking. essentially, these four letters speak to your decision-making and learning processes. there are 8 different possible cognitive functions in the myers-briggs system, as listed below.

Learning processes

  • Introverted iNtuition
  • Extraverted iNtuition
  • Introverted Sensing
  • Extraverted Sensing

Decision-making processes

  • Introverted Thinking
  • Extraverted Thinking
  • Introverted Feeling
  • Extraverted Feeling

i know none of that makes sense and we’re all just looking at it like, okay!? but essentially, each of us have 4 processes that we use: a main one (or driver), a secondary process (or co-pilot), and 2 more weaker processes that are opposite cognitive functions of the driver & the co-pilot. for example, i am an infp. my main cognitive function is introverted feeling. this is how i make decisions, i just feel them on the inside. literally. this is what “introverted feeling” means – that you just feel what’s right, you just know. my second function is extraverted intuition. this is my learning process. extraverted intuition is an exploring function, constantly asking “what if?” this is followed by 2 weaker functions that i must learn from: extraverted thinking and introverted sensing. i’m not going to go into that any deeper but i highly, highly recommend this article by personality hacker, where they explain their mbti “car model” beautifully. it’s a really simplified explanation of the four cognitive functions.

so, as i said, i am an infp/j – known as the advocates, the healers, the counselors, the mediators. i bounce back and forth between the p/j functions at different areas of my life. in high school, i got infp for the most part. in college, i always received “infj” while a year out of graduating, i seem to keep receiving “infp” again. i don’t consider this a black/white thing. i think, as with anything in life, there’s a spectrum and we are constantly changing. you might tell me, but it seems like you’re trying to label us all? well, yes and no. i think these tests and understanding one’s zodiac is helpful but it is by no means the end all, be all. it is by no means “the answer”. it is just one part of the vast and constantly-changing puzzle that is you!

so keeping that in mind, you can take the test here.

with all of the disclaimers and prelude out of the way, here are the zodiac signs & the mbti types i believe they correspond to. i don’t think there is a correlation with each sign being a certain type because we are, again, such complicated beings that it is not so simple. i may be an aries but i have so much water in my chart that i could never be the same mbti type. you must really know your whole chart and i advise looking at the dominant signs within your chart for this comparison.

Scorpio – ISFP, ISTP, INFJ
Sagittarius – ENTP, ENFP, ESTP, ISTP
Capricorn – ESTJ, ISTJ, INTJ

 i believe, generally, the elements can be categorized as such: water/NF, earth/SJ, fire/NT, and air/ST. in other words, water-dominated folks tend to be intuitive feelers, earth-dominated sensory judging, fire intuitive thinkers, and air sensory thinkers.
let me know what you think and whether or not you agree with these groupings. i would also love to know YOUR zodiac & mbti combo, so please let me know in the comments below!
>> i am an aries sun, scorpio rising, with a moon in taurus and my chart is dominated by scorpio & pluto. majority water & fire. and i am an infp/j. 🙂
  1. danielle said:

    im a leo sun and taurus moon and an ENFP! i agree for the most part, except that i’m more of a perception than judging person. just a lil variety but i think its very spot on!! love ur posts hehe

  2. C said:

    Hmm, I’m also INFP/J! I’m Virgo sun, and my chart is ruled by Mercury, Venus, and retrograde Saturn in Aquarius.

    I actually don’t know much about how the stuff about my zodiac correlates to who I am as a person… I’d think that a lot of Virgos (ones I’ve met anyway) are naturally inclined toward the “NF” part of the Meyers-Briggs spectrum.

    Overall though I think your points are interesting!

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