photo by alonso martinez. (click for flickr)

my name is navkiran and it means “new ray of sunshine”. i’m twenty-something, kickin’ it in the east bay area of california. i’m a queer first generation sikh panjabi woman and an aspiring healer & educator. i’m introverted, prone to depression & anxiety, soft as hell, sensitive, and empathetic. i’m also brave as fuck, loyal, adventurous, creative, and bold. yet, i change every day and i’m okay with that, too.

this blog is a random compilation of self reflection, musings about the world and spirituality, astrology readings, and advice posts. i care about empowering, uplifting, & healing people (especially my queer n trans women of color sistas) more than anything else in this world. feel free to hmu to ask questions, receive a natal chart reading, or collab on something at 🙂


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